Why Business Development? - Business Accelerators
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Why Business Development?

There is a misconception that business development is all about growing the business, increasing sales and finding new markets. This in part is true, however it is important when looking to the future to also look at the overall health of your business.

If your business is lacking in other areas such as systems, processes and skills, success will be short lived as your business struggles to handle the growth and increased customer base.

Many businesses overlook the need for business development and believe that the customers they currently have will be with them for life. Unfortunately in business you are only as good as your last customer experience and the customer loyalty can be easily eroded. Business needs to be constantly looking at their goods and services to keep ahead of their competitors. Owners, managers and staff can get complacent with their business and not have the motivation to expand or diversify. Too often, businesses that have historically been successful can lose their customers and lose profitability. Typically the business has not been investing in their development.

Too often when I discuss the business requirements with clients they comment on aspects such as:-

  • “I work in the business and never have a chance to work on the business”
  • “I went into business for a lifestyle change not to work 60 hours a week”
  • “I am unsure how to build my business, I need help but who can help?”
  • “I don’t want an off the shelf solution or to go to training courses that are not tailored to my business”


Business Accelerators offers tailored services that you will understand, we use plain language and work alongside you.  You will be mentored and developed along the way with a personalised service with help available when you require it.

We can run a Business Health Check to ensure that your business is well positioned for growth or change and we can work with you to develop plans and strategies to take your business forward. As part of those plans, we will outline some of the challenges you may face due to growth or change so that these can be proactively managed before they become an issue.

Give Business Accelerators a call. We are more than happy to assist you.