FAQ - Business Accelerators
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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to read through some of the more common questions we get asked, or give us a call – we would be happy to chat about your situation. A reminder too – we offer a FREE introductory meeting at your workplace, this is a no-obligation chance for you to find out how we can help your business.

What does it cost?

We offer cost effective solutions. Wherever possible we will give you an upfront cost. We have various service packages available including coaching and start up services. Where this is not possible, we charge an hourly rate. This rate changes depending on the support that you require. It all begins with establishing your requirements, call 0800 242 643 to book a free introductory meeting.

What services do you provide?

Our services are broad. We help business with business it’s that simple. In collaboration with you, we focus on development and improvement. It’s always best to discuss your requirements, so we offer a free introductory meeting, call 0800 242 643 to book.

How do I know you can help?

We offer a free introductory meeting where we can discuss your business and outline how we can help you. Following this meeting, you should have a clear idea of how we can help, along with the benefits our service can deliver for you.


It does not matter where your business is at – maybe you are a start up, or perhaps you have been running your business for years. Either way, our services provide a fresh perspective, an independent set of eyes. People outside of your business are usually better at unlocking opportunities or identifying problems.


Business is dynamic and ever changing, keeping on top of your customer’s requirement and an edge over your competitors is not a one-time exercise.  This is why Business Accelerators are often a long-term partner in your entire business journey.

What areas do you cover?

We operate in both Auckland and Northland and are happy to come to you wherever you are, saving you time and effort. We usually find it easier to get an understanding of your business, operations, staff, opportunities and challenges, if we meet at your offices. If you’re in Auckland or Northland, we are happy to meet with you at a place of your convenience. If you are outside of this area, please call 0800 242 643 to discuss your requirements, we may still be able to help.


Our mobile service does not cost any more, we offer this services free and will work to fit in with you, we usually need 2-3 days notice to ensure we can accommodate you.

Who are your typical customers?

We do not have a typical customer. Our customers range from entrepreneurs, sole operators, small to medium businesses. Our customers usually have two characteristics, they either want to develop, improve and grow, or they have an immediate business problem. We usually engage with customers through a problem and then continually work alongside them to ensure that business is easy for them, with a strong focus on growth and improvement. You will find we become your trusted business partner. Business can be lonely and we become a confidential sounding board, with ongoing help.

Do you have experience in my industry?

We find that you are the expert in your industry. It’s our role to question and challenge your thinking of your business. We have experience across multiple industries, however we find that business problems and growth come down to knowledge and experience in business, rather than the industry itself.


Opportunities, challenges and problems are usually a common theme across all industries.

How are you different from my accountant for business advice?

Accountants are good with numbers, however they may not have best-practice experience, or knowledge at running a business. We have a wealth of practical knowledge and experience to draw on. Our services are broad and cover all aspects of your business, not just financial. 


Although we are not lawyers or accountants, we will always tell you when to engage their services. We can work alongside your lawyer or accountant if you are confused, or just need additional help.

What makes Business Accelerators better than other mentors, coaches or consultants?

Our combined knowledge and experience.  We have a very unique set of skills that have been developed over our careers.  We believe this cannot be replicated.  We train and develop both you and your business and keep it simple and cost effective. We look forward to becoming your trusted business partners in the long term.


We are not your typical consultants who want to charge and then find reasons to remain working for you. We help you identify key areas to address and work collaboratively with you. We don’t place you though models or franchised business systems, nor do we lock you into a long-term contract.

When should I engage you and is there a minimum/maximum time commitment?

Any time is a good time, however we do encourage you to connect with us as early as possible. In start-up mode the key is to minimise your risk in your business offering, ensuring the business will be successful. Many people approach us after an unsuccessful start-up. At this stage people have expired their funds on irrelevant marketing, websites or third-party fees. We ensure your start-up will be successful, that you can identify your customer and sell to them effectively.


We have no minimum time commitment, it can vary – if we can help you in one hour we will, we would never add unnecessary time, nor would we undersell our service to you. We can either train and mentor you, or directly help you to implement improvements. Naturally, motivation for improvement needs to come from you, however we help keep you on track!


Some of our services have qualified for the NZTE Capability Voucher Scheme. What does this mean for you? Depending on your business meeting certain criteria, our training may be funded by up to 50%

Call us on 0800 242 643 to find out more

For anything else, or to book your 30 minute, no obligation consultation, get in touch.