Does your business need a Coach or a Player?
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Business Coach

Are you a Player?

Excuse the opening title… but it’s an interesting question! Do you roll your sleeves up and sink right in as a manager (a player), or are you more a coach – offering direction from the wings? There’s no right or wrong answer here, just varying styles for getting business done. It’s no different for us at Business Accelerators.  Our clients come to us under many shapes and sizes, at varying stages in their business lifecycle. But our service remains consistent – one of coach, or play.

Coach – Don’t let the word fool you. Let us be clear, we are not shrinks or wishy-washy mentors asking the universe for guidance and top results. Although it could be fun! Our COACH service is tangible… entirely focused on pushing your business capability – raising the performance of you as an owner and your overall business. Business Accelerator’s advice is concise, measurable, achievable and most importantly, sustainable. Ready you to get stuck in and implement. At the close of every game, a winning result!

Whereas our PLAY service takes our coaching directly onto your playing field.

Play – here we get to the heart of your business environment and the challenges you face – we then outline a suitable action plan and execute it right alongside you. It’s collaborating at its finest, for dynamic results.

If you’re unleashing a new start up business, you’ll no doubt have burning questions around business plans and overall strategy. You may also be afraid of the unknown (very normal). Or if you’ve been coasting along for some time and your marketplace has suddenly changed, or you’ve lost direction, or management is tough – again, we will help!

So, what’s right for you, coach or play? It might be a good idea to give us a call, we’d love to help. Learn more about how we can help.